The Buis-nass

Ok.... So...
Colby: hes well into his current semester right now, and nearing the finish. Hes expected to graduate in spring 10'. He still works in the Radiology research dept. doing all that nerdy physics stuff... More power to him i guess! haha. He likes it for the most part, but is definitely ready for the next chapter. He's planning to take one year after graduation to complete all his volunteership and patient care work and what ever else needed to become a serious applicant for Med school. :) Then we'll see where that takes us!
Ashley: i graduated UCMT in Dec, got licenced and certified by Feb., and immediately got a job at a spa in Salt Lake. Turns out... the spa i was hired at wasn't the most.... reputable. So i quickly quit there! Sad, strange, and sick world out there, let me tell ya! But anyways, i am still working at Falafel, and the guys there have almost literally have become my family. I mentioned how we are great friends, and they corrected me, slightly offended even, saying "No! We're family". So yeah, they are such awesome people, and i really do consider them my family out here in Salt lake. ....Well some sort of family. The older guy- uncle cook Mustafa- has been giving me a lot of advice on love and life, and has come to be known as "baba" or dad in their language. Whenever i call out for him at the resturant its not "Mustafa i need this... its BABA! get me this!" haha... hes a very sweet man. Then theres Osama, the older brother type. He is soo smart when it comes to buisness its insane! He owns the resturant, and a car dealership, and now he wants to open a Spa! So... its all kinda hush hush right now, but when things are operating, you'll hear all about it! Its so amazing!
We bought a new car, and traded in both of our old ones. So now we have one reliable 05' Nissan Altima, with sweet rims. :) it was a fleet car before we bought it and only had like 25 thou miles on it. Practically brand new! :) We are planning to drive it out to see the fam-damily for Spring Break! YAY!
Oh, and Colby bought a bunch of computer things? and is building his own computer right now. He's pretty stoked about it. And I bought a nice glass kitchen table with 4 iron chairs, and some way nice front window drapes for our apt. It feels so much more homey now! :)

Anyways, that was my short update! Love ya all!



Well, its been super busy! Here's an update!...

We went to Kellys wedding, and it was so much fun. It was good to see all of the family. There are some pictures below from that trip.

Colby is working in Research Park at the University of Utah, under Dr. Dan Kadrmas(sp?) doing Radiology Research with P.E.T. imaging (posatron emission tomogrophy?) i know im totally butchering spelling. But yeah he loves it! Hes finally in the area of what he wants to do for his career.

I am working at a Middle-Eastern resturant called O, Falafel. Its amazing. The food is so good! Colby went to the middle east after high school, and is super excited i work there so he can have discounts on the food. :) My bosses name is Osama, and his uncle chef is named Mustafa. They definately make it an interesting place to work.

Colby's best friend just came home from his mission in Mexico, and we have been hanging out with him. He is such a neat guy! We love him to death! We went to visit him and his family in Snowbird (ski resort in the mountians) and there are also some pictures from that included.

Colby started up school again today, and has a busy schedule now! I am still in school, and past my half way mark now. I am doing clinic shifts on the weekend giving massages to the public. I am due to graduate December 18th. :)

Ok well im at the library, and the pictures are taking entirely too long to upload, so i'l have to do it a different day! Love ya all

Oh, and P.S. Colby and i are selling our cars and buying a really nice one. Im so excited!


Some Wedding Pics <3

Funeral Slideshows, Enjoy!

In respect of James Arlo Maxwell. (My beloved Grandfather)

(so i couldnt get the slideshows to work, so copy and paste this link to view them.)


Does it work for everyone???



Once i have the time and patience, i will upload a slideshow of the funeral pictures. I already tried just previous to this post, but it froze up and i don't have the patience haha. So, expecting to be seeing them soon!
p.s. We got a kick-butt coffee table today!


Craziest Week EVER!

BAH! This week has been so busy for me! I started my new job, as a waitress at Lonestar Steak House. Its always hard to start a new job, and learn the system, and in this case the menu! I have to get my body on a good sleep schedule, because im so used to staying up late after school and sleeping in late. Soooo ive been a walking zombie the last couple days.I also have all my finals this week. Lucky me. I took my massage final last night, and that will probably be my easiest test. I have reflexology tonight, and i have to know at least 40 of the 60 some odd points on the foot, and also 11 body systems (like digestive, muscular, etc.) and all their organs/parts, and their functions and common disorders. Its crazyyy! Then tomorrow is my ANATOMY final. *GULP* Then friday i have professional development, but i already wrote my paper for that, i just have to read it to the class. :(

Plus im trying to get everything organized on my end for the funeral. Busy, Busy!
Anyways, im super excited to see my family though! I am going to bring a game so once everyone leaves to their places to sleep the Sessions clan can visit! I never get to see anyone! :( It will be awesome to see Dan. It has been a really long time.

Wellllllll i gotta get back to studying :( Love you all.


Hey, hey!

Here is our Seegmiller Family blog! We don't have any kids or really anything too exciting to captivate your attention but we will try to make it fun! This should make it easy to play catch-up in our busy lives, especially with us so far away from everyone! :'(

Let's get everyone up to speed:
Colby is attending the U of U as a physics major, and doing great in all his classes. He is also working part time at the big grocery store here in the fish and seafood department. He has the privilege to give people their fish, and come home to the wifey smelling to high heaven! We are really blessed though for all of his hard work. Colby spends his nights studying hard, playing his favorite computer game, and trying fun new recipes.

Ashley is attending her night classes at UCMT, the massage therapy school here in Salt Lake. She has been doing really great in all of her classes and is proud of having one of the highest grades in her extensive anatomy class. (She has been able to go to the cadaver lab twice now!) She received her very own massage table a couple of weeks ago, (which she gets to keep at home) and Colby is very greatful! ;) She loves her school and is becoming rather great with her hands! She has made a couple good friends at her school and enjoys spending time with them.

Now you know whats going on with us, and we'll keep you updated! Love you all!